Brief Introduction

School of Mechanical Engineering in YIT(Yancheng Institute of Technology) is a school with more than 50 years of history. Its main subjects, mechanical engineering and automation, originated in professional direction in Mechanical Design & Manufacturing processes and equipment in 1958, which resume enrollment in 1977.After 2001 the school add some professional direction like Industrial Engineering, Process Equipment & Control Engineering and Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, and so on. Nowadays there are more than 1,800 undergraduate students studying in campus. Since 2003 some joint training of graduate students has been run with Suzhou University, Wuhan University and other colleges.


May 2005, a cooperation agreement which included training & promotion of UG software and Cooperative education was signed between YIT(Yancheng Institute of Technology) and UGS,the famous Mechanical Software company of United States.

October 2007, Training & promotion of Pro/E software was run by YIT and WIT Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

April 2008, a cooperation agreement about the cooperative education of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation was signed between YIT and the University of Greenwich, UK.

June 2009, a cooperation agreement about cooperative education of Vehicle Engineering of Mechanical Engineering and Automation was signed between YIT and South Korea Gangneung University.